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Monday, 28 April 2014

Ventriculo-arterial decoupling in human septic shock

Ventriculo-arterial decoupling in human septic shock.  Critical Care 2014, 18:R80

Guarracino, F., et al.


Septic shock is the most severe manifestation of sepsis. It is characterized as a hypotensive 
cardiovascular state associated with multiorgan dysfunction and metabolic disturbances. 
Management of septic shock is targeted to preserve an adequate organ perfusion pressure 
without precipitating pulmonary edema or massive volume overload. Cardiac dysfunction 
often occurs in septic shock patients and can significantly affect outcome; one physiologic 
approach to disclose the interaction between the heart and the circulation when both are 
affected is to examine ventriculo-arterial coupling defined by the ratio of arterial elastance 
(Ea) and left ventricular elastance (Ees). We aimed to analyze ventriculo-arterial coupling in 
a cohort of patients admitted to ICUs presenting or not with septic shock.

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