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Monday, 28 July 2008

World Wide Web resources on control of nosocomial infections

World Wide Web resources on control of nosocomial infections
Author(s): Ilias I Siempos ; Konstantinos N Fragoulis and Matthew E Falagas
ISSUE: 2008 ; VOL 11 (2008-07-17)
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Page: 101
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Infection control programs are effective for the limitation of nosocomial, especially intensive care unit-acquired, infections, which are a major worldwide cause of death and disability. The development of World Wide Web has given to health care professionals immediate access to continuously updated information in the field of infection control. We sought to identify Web sites containing information on nosocomial infection control by using popular Internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and AltaVista and by reviewing relevant publications identified in the PubMed and Current Contents databases. Only English language, open-access, developed by a government, academic institution, or national or international scientific association, sites were eligible for inclusion. Out of a vast number of Internet sites initially identified, we selected 49 sites providing information on infection control for inclusion in our list of practical and relevant Internet resources. Several sites provide general information on infection control practices, while others focus on one or few specific infection(s). We provide to health care professionals a timely and succinct list of open-access Internet resources containing information regarding the prevention and control of nosocomial infections in order to help in the dissemination of relevant information and thus, contribute to the limitation of such hazards.

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