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Monday, 28 April 2008

Journal of Advanced Nursing: May 2008 Vol 62 Iss 3

Short- and long-term impact of critical illness on relatives: literature review
Fiona Paul, BN MPhil RN; Janice Rattray, PhD RN RM

‘As required’ medication regimens for seriously mentally ill people in hospital
Emily Caruana, BHSc BSSc

RESEARCH PAPER: Original Research 295–306
Nurses' leaving intentions: antecedents and mediating factors
Miyuki Takase, PhD RN; Noriko Yamashita, MSc RN RM; Keiko Oba, BEd RN

318–326 Types of nursing knowledge used to guide care of hospitalized patients
Stefanos Mantzoukas, PhD RN; Melanie Jasper, PhD RN

327–335 Music improves sleep quality in students
László Harmat, MSc; Johanna Takács, MSc; Róbert Bódizs, PhD

346–353 Night duty as an opportunity for learning
Ann-Mari Campbell, RN; Kerstin Nilsson, PhD RN; Ewa Pilhammar Andersson, PhD RN

354–364 Re-examination of risk factors for non-Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea in hospitalized patients
Melissa A.L. Thorson, MS RN CCNS; Donna Zimmaro Bliss, PhD RN FAAN; Kay Savik, MS

Volume 62, Number 4, May 2008

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